We are TransferSoft™ and we provide the most comprehensive and efficient enterprise data transfer software in the industry - HyperTransfer™.


Operating at extraordinary speed, our technology is essential for the proper
implementation of large data movement, Big Data, and Cloud applications.

Efficient Data Movement


  • low CPU utilization
  • no bandwidth limitations
  • moves files as they are being created
  • instantly change the bandwidth utilization
  • compress, deduplicate, encrypt, and provide data integrity inflight

Extraordinary Speed


  • supports full bandwidth bidirectional data movement up to 10GbE
  • moves millions of tiny files at the same speed as one or more terabyte-sized files
  • unlimited number of simultaneous data movement operations

Easy Implementation


  • same system for block and file data
  • small footprint
  • instantaneous embedding without the need to write a single line of code
  • run as a service
  • RESTful API


HyperTransfer implements data transforms (compress, deduplicate, encrypt, and difference), in virtually any combination, during data movement. All of these features operate at full bandwidth, independent of latency introduced by the distance between the source and destination services.

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Data Movement Links

Links are software abstractions of a WAN or LAN connection. There is no limit to the number of Links that may be established and maintained. Links are persistent, but use no CPU resources while not in use. Each Link describes the source and destination service, the additional data transforms to be employed, and may include the file system directories or lists of files to be transferred.

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HyperTransfer moves files at line speed independent of file size or depth of directory nesting. It is easily embedded in all platforms including Linux/UNIX/AIX, Windows, and MAC OS X. Since it runs as a service, no code needs to be written and any program that addresses a TCP port for transfer can be routed through the HyperTransfer service.

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About TransferSoft

TransferSoft is changing the way data moves between systems and around the globe. While processing power and storage capacity has dramatically increased year after year, the ability to move large amounts of data has become a roadblock to the effective implementation of cloud, big data, and disaster recovery applications. TransferSoft has solved this problem with HyperTransfer. This disruptive technology drops into an OEMs existing solution with no coding required, and allows them to accelerate block and file data movement within their existing applications.

OEM’s are invited to contact us to discuss how we can accelerate your applications and demonstrate the advantages of HyperTransfer for your solution. End customers are invited to check with your solutions provider on how they are incorporating HyperTransfer into their products.

Our Approach

We believe the next disruption in technology that will provide a significant advantage to solution providers and their customers must come from how data is moved between systems. The sheer amount of file and block data and the need to encrypt, compress, check-sum, and deduplicate the data as it moves from point to point overwhelms current transfer technology. The common advice is to turn off encryption or other service if the transfer is going too slow. TransferSoft has invented the solution to this challenge by providing more than speed. While no technology is faster, HyperTransfer also takes into account how existing applications are structured, the desire to operate on data inflight without affecting performance, how bandwidth and processing will advance, and the realities of securing, operating on, and protecting data as it moves from point to point and around the globe.

We are TransferSoft and no technology can move data at the speed of HyperTransfer.

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