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Moving Enterprise Data at Maximum Speed Worldwide

The global enterprise market has seen explosive data growth over the past few years as a result of the evolving landscape in the Cloud, Big Data, Social Media and Mobile markets. IDC estimates yearly enterprise storage compound annual growth rates (CAGR) at over 50%, with traditional applications in IT departments growing data at over 30% yearly. Additionally, IDC and EMC estimates that the digital universe (that is, all the digital data created, replicated and consumed in that year) will amount to over 5,200GB generated per person on the planet or about 40,000 Exabytes by 2020. This exponential growth in data will result in a corresponding increase in storage subsystem capacity and the need for ever increasing network bandwidth to move, replicate, backup, and copy this data onsite, across the country or around the world.

Breaking the Speed Barriers of Data Transfer

Unfortunately, tools used to move files around the datacenter and around the world have remained nearly unchanged, until now. TransferSoft™ has developed HyperTransfer™, a suite of ground-breaking software tools designed to fill the holes created by aging transfer mechanisms that have failed to keep up with the relentless growth of file and block data. Capable of up to 40Gb/s or 5 GB/s transfer speeds today, the company's HyperTransfer technology is designed to easily scale upwards in the future. HyperTransfer allows you to move your data at full throttle speeds no matter the application or industry - whether it's to replicate files across the LAN, WAN or GAN, migrate data, converge data centers, or have industry specific needs, such as in Media and Entertainment, Life Sciences, Energy, or Financial Services.

OEM First Go to Market Model

We do not sell HyperTransfer directly to end customers. Our innovative technology is designed from the ground up to be implemented by OEMs with ease-of-integration and manageability in mind. For example, PowerPort™ allows nearly instantaneous embedding of HyperTransfer to any TCP program without the need to write a single line of code. Simply install HyperTransfer services at source and destination locations; create Links using the GUI or API; point your program to the Link and the embedding is complete. No new code of any kind is needed. HyperTransfer - Simple. Fast. Efficient.

Core Team Members

Allan Ignatin

President and CEO

Attila Mark Szilagyi

Co-founder, VP Engineering and CSO

Jerry Bergis

Director of OEM Sales

Zoe Regan

Chief Operating Officer

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