HyperTransfer™ by TransferSoft: The Essence of File Transfer Efficiency!

Broadcast Beat Magazine, by Matt Harchick, Feb

Imagine, transferring a 1TB file as it’s being originally created so that when your file is finished in LA it will be sitting in Paris, New York, and London all at the same time. Wow, that’s a brilliant concept of project efficiency and what a time saver to your production company’s big overall picture! NOW, TransferSoft has a very unique software base hyper technology that makes this scenario of no transfer time an absolute reality!


TransferSoft Adds to Technical Team – Appoints Industry Veterans Erik Hovland to Director of Engineering and Gwang-Ho Kim to Senior Software Engineer

Broadcast Beat Magazine, by Curtis Chan, Feb 11, 2016:

TransferSoft® Inc., a provider of efficient data transfer software to OEMs in the M&E, Enterprise IT, Cloud, Big Data, Research and Disaster Recovery markets recently announced the appointments of industry veterans Erik Hovland to Director of Engineering and Gwang-Ho Kim to Senior Software Engineer.


TransferSoft's Game-Changing File Transfer Technology!

Broadcast Beat Magazine, Aug 4, 2015:

TransferSoft is a disruptive technology that is changing the way data moves between systems around the globe and in a BIG WAY!

While processing power and storage capacity has dramatically increased year after year, the ability to move large amounts of data has become a roadblock to the effective implementation of cloud, big data, and disaster recovery applications. TransferSoft has solved this problem with HyperTransfer. This disruptive technology drops into an OEMs existing solution with no coding required, and allows them to accelerate block and file data movement within their existing applications.

Co-Founder and CEO Allan Ignatin chats with Ryan Salazar of Broadcast Beat and talks about this truly revolutionary technology!

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The 10 Coolest Storage Startups Of 2015 (So Far)

CRN, by Joseph F. Kovar,

Storage Startups: So Many PossibilitiesInvestment in the storage industry continues unabated, resulting in a steady stream of startups -- with a lot of investor dollars -- looking to make their innovations stand out in a sea of offerings.
TransferSoft: Comprehensive Data Movement 

Start-Up Profile: TransferSoft, Just Out of Stealth Mode

Storage Newsletter, by Jean-Jacques Maleval, May 5, 2015:

With HyperTransfer software, for OEMs only, capable of up to 40Gb/s network bandwidth


TransferSoft Launches HyperTransfer for OEMs – Most Comprehensive and Efficient Enterprise Data Transfer Software Suite in the Industry

Broadcast Beat Magazine, April 03, 2015:

A newly launched company, TransferSoft (www.transfersoft.com), is introducing a revolutionary way to move data between systems and around the globe. This is noteworthy for a multitude of industries because the global enterprise market has seen explosive data growth over the past years as a result of the evolving landscape in the M&E, big data, social media, cloud and mobile markets, to name a few... (click to read more)

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